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3 Secrets Home Brewers Want You to Know

By August 5, 2016Blog

Home brewers are a different bunch. We’re not unlike the craft community in that they’ll spend untold hours making something that most people would just go to the store and buy. The pride that comes from raising a glass of a fresh batch of homebrew is something that is hard to describe.

If you’re sitting on the fence about home brewing, let’s see if we can lure you to the dark side by sharing three secrets home brewers really want you to know.

It’s Surprisingly Easy

Of course, you could get started with an elaborate set up that requires separate climate controls and a massive upfront investment, but it’s not a requirement, and it’s certainly not necessary in the beginning. Think about it: Humans have been making beer for thousands of years, without the benefit of cold storage or proper sanitation. If someone in ancient Mesopotamia could do it, so can you!

It’s All About the Sanitation

Sure, the Mesopotamians managed to make a good brew without proper sanitation, but it’s not recommended for those of us living in modern times. First of all, poor sanitation is the fastest way to end up with flat beer, and that’s among the saddest things in the world. But flat beer is the least of your worries when you’ve left organic material to sit around at room temperature or higher for several weeks.

When taking the plunge, pay special attention to the detailed instructions on sanitation. They’ll save you a lot of time and heartache as you set off on your home brewing adventures.

It’s a Tight-Knit Community

Some of the best craft brews are ones that have come out of the collaborative efforts of multiple brew masters. The real secret to brewing is that there are no secrets! This community is amazing about sharing recipes, success stories, and cautionary tales.
If you’re looking to share a fantastic beer with great people, we can’t think of a better bunch than the local home brewing community here in Canada. Are you ready to be part of something amazing? Check out the list of homebrew equipment you need to get started, and order fresh hops online today!