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5 Podcasts to Make You a Better Brewer

By March 3, 2017Blog
Brewer Podcasts

We are in an age of an unprecedented ability to share information. If you want to know how to do something, there is an excellent chance there is a blog to tell you how to do it. For example, there is no shortage of homebrewing blogs out there, but not everybody has time to spend hours reading up on a hobby.

Thankfully, there are also a number of podcasts you can listen to on your daily commute that accomplish the same thing. Here are five podcasts that can help make you a better brewer.

The Brewing Network

The Brewing Network is a fantastic resource for novice brewers and for beer lovers in general. Presented by a bunch of the most enthusiastic beer lovers you’ll ever “meet,” The Brewing Network hosts novice home brewers and professional brew masters to help you get the most out of every batch.

Homebrew Bound

Homebrew Bound is dedicated to the wonderful world of brewing beer at home. With a hefty dose of humour, the hosts detail their adventures in beer experimentation that allow you to learn from someone else’s mistakes. The podcast’s production company, Blind Ninja Studios, seeks to help others learn as they go.


BeerSmith Home Brewing Radio offers something a little different for home brewing aficionados. There are traditional podcasts that you can download to a device of your choosing, but there is also a software package and a 24/7 broadcast about all things beer. Run by Brad Smith and a team of dedicated brewing volunteers, BeerSmith has something for brewers at every level.

Basic Brewing Radio

Basic Brewing Radio is all about home brewing. With a weekly production schedule, the team brings fascinating interviews to help those who have fallen in love with this hobby become better brewers. With seven years of archives to peruse, it’s clear you can go well beyond the basics with this podcast!

Dr. Homebrew

Dr. Homebrew has a Q&A format in which they attempt to answer listener questions to figure out what went wrong in their home brewing escapades. Along the way, they provide plenty of useful tips and tricks to help you become a better beer maker.

You don’t need a podcast to tell you that fresh hops can mean the difference between an OK beer, and one that is truly great. Buy fresh hops online from our farm right here in the Okanagan Valley to make your next batch of home brew your best beer ever.