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Choose the Right Hops for Every Beer

By June 6, 2016Blog

While it’s true that making an amazing beer is something of an art, getting started is really not that complicated. Choose a recipe for a beer, get the freshest ingredients possible, and start brewing.

When trying to choose the right hops for your beer, it helps to keep a few things in mind.

Get Comfortable with Your Tastes

There are many awards ceremonies for the best beers in the world, but the truth is your taste buds don’t care about awards! If you just don’t like a particular style of beer, you don’t need to try 25 different versions of them to confirm that you are really not a fan. Trust yourself, accept there is no such thing as wrong when it comes to personal taste, and focus on brewing and drinking beers that are more to your liking.

Get to Know Your Hops

Getting the hops right can mean the difference between a really good beer and one that is just so-so. You should know that hops can be added at two different times when brewing, at the beginning of the boil or closer to the end. Hops added at the end of the boil are generally known as bittering hops, and they should be of a different type than those added at the beginning because if you include something with such a high acid content very early in the brewing process, your beer could be undrinkable.

Types of Hops

There are as many different kinds of hops for beer as there are different kinds of grapes for making wine. Taking the time to experiment with hops with similar properties will help you tweak and refine your own recipes into something that is truly remarkable. As long as you stay within the same range of Alpha acids, you should be able to experiment without running the risk of ruining an entire batch of beer.

Go ahead, see what happens when you replace some or all of those Cascade hops in your beer recipe with Amarillo® hops to come up with a unique blend that’s all your own. When you feel confident in your beer making and your hops knowledge, there really is no limit to the possibilities.

Are you ready to get started? Start by ordering a batch of fresh hops that are grown right here in the Okanagan Valley! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have as you get busy brewing.