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Do Fresh Ingredients Make Better Beer?

By January 11, 2016Blog
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Asking a passionate homebrewer if you can get away with using a beer kit is kind of like asking a chef if you can get away with using canned beans in one of their famous recipes. At best, you’ll get a sigh and an eye roll, and at worst you’ve set yourself up for a lengthy explanation of the intricacies of every single ingredient and how they work together to create the final masterpiece.

For the record, these ingredient purists are not wrong. When it comes to making good beer at home, there are reasons to give a lot of thought to using the freshest ingredients you can find. But there are also valid reasons to stick with someone else’s script.

Choose Fresh Beer Ingredients

Much like the elegant combination of seasonings that come from the exotic foods from faraway lands, different ingredients in beer can transform each batch of homebrew into something wonderful. From the citrusy notes of Cascade hops to the pungent aromas of the Columbus hops, what seems like a mere change of a single ingredient can become something that truly delights the senses with every sip.

And that’s just what happens when you change the hops! With each subtle change to a batch brewed at home, the entirely unique transformations let every homebrewer stand back and say “I made this, and it’s fantastic!”

Kits are a Good Start

Now that we’ve convinced you that fresh ingredients are the way to go, we’re going to contradict ourselves completely. For your very first batch of homebrew, you’re going to need to buy all of the brewing equipment anyway. It’s perfectly okay to purchase a kit when you’re just getting started. This will allow you to get the hang of manoeuvring the equipment around in your brewing area before adding the steps of weighing and measuring ingredients.

After you have a batch or two under your belt, we’re pretty sure you will be eagerly doing all you can to try the recipes of brew masters from all over the world. Might we recommend starting with fresh hops? We happen to know where you can find some!

We hope we have given you some food for thought for your first adventures in home brewing. If you run into trouble, feel free give us a call. We promise not to sigh or roll our eyes!