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Help! My Home Brew is Flat!

By December 15, 2015Blog

You bought the freshest hops and other great beer ingredients, then you washed and sanitized your brewing equipment and finally, you waited patiently until your fresh batch of home brew was ready for drinking. You cracked open that first bottle, waiting for that satisfying “fssst” as it opened and then…

Nothing. Your precious creation is flat! When you’re done (literally) crying in your beer, it’s time to figure out what went wrong.

Learn why your long-awaited home brew is flat, what you can do to avoid it in the future.

Causes of Flat Home Brew Beer

The first thing you should know is that home brew is generally less effervescent than what is produced by commercial breweries. They have access to much more expensive, sophisticated equipment than your average home brewer.

If you’re aiming for a home brew that is as bubbly as what you’re used to buying in the store or at a bar, the first step on the road to happiness is adjusting your expectations.

Troubleshooting Flat Home Brew

If this is one of many batches and you’re experiencing this for the first time, we have some ideas about where to start looking for the source of your problem:

  • The brewing area is too cold: Home brew needs to be stored at least 21C to properly ferment. Temperatures that are too low for proper fermentation = flat beer. Try moving your kit, or at least the bottles, to a warmer part of the house.
  • Trouble with yeast: Though it’s a little bit gross to think about, yeast is actually a bunch of living organisms. Before you brew your next batch, test the yeast to make sure those little guys are alive and kicking.
  • Not enough/incorrect priming sugar: Make sure you have measured the actual amount of beer in the bottling bucket when adding your priming sugar rather than assuming the outcome based on a recipe.
  • Bottling materials/Technique: If the seals on your bottle caps are gone, or screw-caps aren’t on tightly, that little bit that escapes every day adds up over a few weeks.

We hope that helps your future adventures in beer making. If you need more information, give us a call. We’re always happy to help out a brew master!

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