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How to Know if Your Beer is Good Enough to Sell

By August 15, 2016Blog

While there are some who are content to keep their delicious homebrew all to themselves, perhaps only sharing with friends and family, there are others who envision something a little bigger. If you’ve been dreaming of one day seeing your beer on the “on tap” list at your favourite brew pub, or maybe even owning a place of your own, you have one important hurdle to clear.

You have to make a beer that is good enough that people will want to pay money for it. Here are a couple of ways to find out if your beer is good enough to sell.

Enter a Local Craft Beer Contest

With all of the BC brewing events that happen in the summer, you would be right to assume the craft brewing scene is alive and well. That also means there’s a proliferation of brew pubs throughout the whole province, including quite a few right here in the Okanagan. Better still, many of them host brewing competitions that will allow you to go head-to-head with fellow brew masters to see how your beer fares.

These events may not be well publicized, so our recommendation is that you spend time in your favourite brew pub with your ear to the ground. And a pint in your hand, of course!

Try Your Hand at a Farmers’ Market

Can you sell beer at a BC Farmers Market? Indeed you can! If you have the resources to set up a stand at a local market, you have access to a test group for your beer. As you can probably imagine, beer enthusiasts are not shy about sharing their views on the subject. Once your beer is good enough to satisfy these tough customers, you’ll know you have something special.

Choose Only the Best Ingredients

Every great beer starts with great ingredients, and there is no reason to choose something freeze-dried and mediocre when there are fresh, amazing, locally-grown ingredients to be found. Start by ordering hops that will give your beer zing, and then take the time to source the rest of your ingredients from suppliers who are able to provide the only the best.

If you have any questions about what it takes to make great beer, we can help. Contact us today for ingredients, advice or just friendly banter. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!