At Hops Canada we’ve grown our passion for quality beer hops into a Canadian owned and operated business.  With offerings from our local crops on our 80 acre farm, to our carefully selected internationally sourced hops, we supply the best product available to beer makers in Canada and abroad.  Whether you are a home brewer perfecting the art of beer to enjoy with your family and friends, or a brewery creating a specialty craft beer to appeal to your market, the brewing process needs to start with fresh, flavourful hops.

We offer beer hops for sale through our online store to meet all of your brewing needs.  Take a look at our local and international selections.  With over 35 varieties to choose from, we know you’ll find exactly what you need.

Hops Freshness and Quality

Our standards for freshness and quality of our product are unsurpassed in the hops industry.  We know that great beer needs superb hops that have been farmed, harvested, prepared and stored with the end product in mind.

Both our locally grown hops and our internationally acquired products are held to the same exacting standards.  We demand ideal growing conditions, with constant monitoring and attention to ensure our plants are strong and healthy.  After harvest, careful drying and pelletizing at low temperatures guarantees that none of the rich flavor is lost.  Lastly, packaging in airtight containers, and storage in a temperature controlled area extends shelf life and protects against damage.

Hops add flavor and aroma to beers, and provide the distinct taste that brewers come to expect from their unique blends.  That’s why it’s important to use a beer hops wholesaler that is committed to protecting its product from light, oxygen and heat that can rob the hops of its characteristics and traits. It is also important to ensure timely delivery of the hops, since old hops can often produce a beer that is stale and unsavoury.

Convenient Online Ordering for Hops

Order beer hops online to ensure you receive products that are packaged at their peak and delivered with uncompromising standards.  Our online shop is convenient and easy to use, and allows you to order multiple products in volumes up to 60 kg each.  With our easy to use ordering system you can select, review and buy beer hops online with a few simple clicks.

If you are a brewery that needs to buy in wholesale volumes, give us a call to see how we can help.  We offer bulk pricing for clients who need a larger supply of hops.  Whether you are a local small brewer or an international start-up – we can ship quality hops in bulk at a competitive price.  We know our superior hops, excellent customer service and reasonable prices will keep you coming back for more.

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