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Secrets of Craft Brewing Success

By March 6, 2017Blog
Craft Brewing

There can be no doubt that making beer is a labour of love. For some, it is a hobby; for others, it is a way of life. If you have ever wondered if you have the chops to turn your home brewing hobby into a way to make a living, there are a few things you should know. Read on to learn the secrets of craft brewing success.

A Killer Beer Recipe is Key

You might think your beer is great, but let’s face it; you’re a little biased. To make sure you have perfected the art of a really great beer, you have to make it over and over again. Once you have customers buying your beer, they will have the reasonable expectation that it will taste the same every time they order it.

After you find the perfect beer recipe, you must tweak it to make it your own, and then make it often enough that it becomes second nature. Then, you might be ready to start producing on a larger scale. But that’s not all there is to successful craft brewing.

Keen Business Sense

Having said all that, even a great beer will only take you so far. The Okanagan region is filled with established craft breweries that already have a solid foothold in a crowded market.

To successfully run a craft brewery, you need more than a tasty beer and a big dream. You need to have a firm understanding of local laws regarding the sale of alcohol in British Columbia; a solid grasp of food safety standards; sales and marketing know-how to draw in steady business; and, finally, a hefty start-up fund to see you through the lean early days.

The secret to making great beer really isn’t much of a secret; it starts with a killer beer recipe and the freshest beer ingredients you can find. However, the steps involved in bringing that great beer to market are a little more complicated. If you decide that going into the business of craft brewing isn’t for you, that’s OK. You can still be the toast of the neighbourhood by sharing your awesome home brew creations.