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Secrets of Homebrewing Masters

By February 1, 2017Blog
hands making beer

Homebrewers are a friendly lot, always willing to share their experiences to help others hone their craft. Some tips, like the importance of sanitation when making beer, have become fairly well-known. However, there are still a few tricks up an avid brewer’s sleeve that you should know about before you roll up your sleeves to brew your next batch.

Be Your Own Secretary

Home cooks of every kind tend to evolve their recipes over time with a bit of this and a dash of that. There is nothing wrong with experimentation, but if it’s done “willy-nilly” and you really love the end result of a particular recipe tweak, you’re going to kick yourself if you can’t re-create it.

Whether it’s keeping track with hand-written notes or typing your recipe revisions into a complex matrix of spreadsheets to track progress over time, taking notes on your revisions to the best homebrew beer recipes will be an invaluable part of making the perfect beer.

Choose Early Creations Wisely

You have to walk before you can run, and you have to master the art of brewing relatively simple beer recipes before you can move on to more complex endeavours. Because it’s a beer that we’re familiar with in North America, a lot of homebrewers want to start off with brewing a lager, for example, and then they’re disappointed when the results aren’t quite as expected.

Lager beers are actually a relatively complex brew, and they require advanced brewing techniques and climate controls. Try starting with something a little simpler, like a pale ale, to get the hang of brewing before moving on to beers that require additional skill.

Get Feedback

An easy way to get feedback, and make friends, is to have your friends and fellow beer enthusiasts taste your latest creations. Try some A/B testing with a previous batch. Have fun with it! A beer tasting party would be a pretty hard invitation for most of us to turn down.

No matter what secrets of home brewing you choose to employ in your own beer creations, the results will be improved by using the finest ingredients you can find. You can’t get much finer than fresh hops, grown right here in the Okanagan Valley. Order a batch today to taste the difference fresh makes.