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Something BIG is Coming to Home Brewing

By January 20, 2015Blog

Something BIG is Coming to Home Brewing

Thanks to celebrity endorsements and an exploding craft beer scene in Canada, there is a renewed love for home brewing all over the country. The problem, as with most things that are best made with fresh ingredients, is finding a good, local source of the makings of a good home brew. As most of the country is struggling through a winter looks like it will never end, it’s hard to imagine good growing conditions for anything.

But, things here in BC are always a little different. As it turns out, the conditions here in the Okanagan Valley are perfect for growing great grapes for wine, and great hops for beer!

Great Beer Starts with Great Hops

We’re serious about hops, and know that the only way to be sure to get the perfect hop is to grow it ourselves. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the first hops mega farm in Canada in over 50 years. The secret to great beer is great hops, and those grown on our farm will be no exception. The Hops Canada farming operation will feature the following:

  • Cascade hops that provide spicy, citrus notes;
  • Centennial hops for aroma and bitterness;
  • Chinook hops for American pale ales;
  • Columbus hops, a pungent addition to any brew;
  • Galena hops, a widely-used bittering variety;
  • Sterling hops for a Germanic touch;
  • Willamette hops that add woody overtones; and,
  • Zeus hops for that delicate, fruity touch.

We will also be working on our own experimental varietals, and as we perfect them we will be sharing them with craft breweries and home brewers alike. Creating the perfect breed of hops is a labour of love, and once we have it we’ll be shouting from the rooftops.

What Happens Next?

Currently, the farm has 80 acres of hops that will be ready for harvesting at the end of the summer. Our goal is to reach 300 acres by 2019, and to implement start-of-the-art processing facilities, including a wolf harvester, to maximize efficiency. We can’t wait to become a leading provider of hops in Canada and around the world! Check back here regularly for updates on the farm’s progress.