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The Stunning Rise of Craft Beer in Canada

By December 31, 2015Blog

Bob and Doug McKenzie brought a lot of attention to stereotypes about Canadians (Eh?), but they weren’t all exaggerations. Take our love of beer, for example. Did you know the average Canadian adult consumes over 60 litres of beer every year?

To satisfy that kind of demand, it’s no wonder the craft brewing scene is exploding in this country! In fact, we’re proud to supply our fresh-grown hops to brewers all over Canada, large and small. Here are a few fun facts about the craft brewing scene in Canada.

Craft Brewing on the Rise

Though major brewers still sell the majority of beer in Canada, the number of breweries has been steadily increasing for the last seven years. There were 88 breweries in Canada in 2006, and in 2014, there were an amazing 520 licenced breweries in the country. That’s brought rise to some pretty amazing beers!

Most beer in Canada is made in Ontario, Quebec and right here in British Columbia. That gives us localized access to some of the freshest, most innovative beer products anywhere. You can get more detailed information on craft brewing in Canada from this infographic.

Craft Beer Awards in Canada

There can be no doubt a country that loves beer as much as this one does would take great pains to find out which beer is the best! That’s why there are local and national competitions for craft breweries. Winners get bragging rights and, of course, cash prizes so they can start on next year’s entry!

Even homebrewers can get in on the action. Many local brew pubs invite local brew masters to enter their finely honed recipes in beer contests. If you win, your recipe might be the next beer flowing out of the taps at your favourite pub. If you don’t win, you’ve spent time making and drinking some fabulous, frosty beer. Seems like a win-win scenario to us!

With so many amazing craft breweries to choose from, it seems like a cross-country beer tour is in order! Or maybe you should just keep an eye out for local craft beer festivals. What’s your favourite craft beer in Canada?