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Want Good Beer? Start with this Important Step!

By November 24, 2015Blog
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Beer has been around for thousands of years and the process to make a small batch of really hasn’t changed much in that time. While we happen to think that high-quality ingredients are a must for good beer, there is one thing that’s absolutely essential.

If you want good beer, don’t skip this important step!

Contamination is the Enemy of Home Brew

People who argue that sanitizing isn’t necessary to make a good home brew usually turn to the ancient art of beer making to prove their point. It’s true that when beer was first made, lo those many years ago, sanitation standards were, um, somewhat lower than they are now.

When we hear this argument, we like to point out that we do a lot of things differently than they did back then, like living past the age of 40, for example.

The truth is, unintended contamination causes a whole host of problems for the casual brewer. It can make your beer smell bad or taste bad. And then there are the truly revolting things that can happen, like beer oysters. (Not for the squeamish!)

When you have started with great brewing hops and other top-notch ingredients, and done all the work that goes into brewing great beer at home, doesn’t it seem silly to risk ruining a whole batch because you didn’t take the time to sanitize your equipment?

Easy Ways to Sanitize Brewing Equipment

The easiest way to sanitize your equipment is to ensure you thoroughly wash and rinse everything when you finish bottling the last batch. Starting with clean equipment will make sure you don’t start off the brewing process with a round of vigorous scrubbing.

Then, before you start the next batch, soak everything for about half an hour in a solution of one part bleach to 20 parts water and rinse thoroughly. We really mean everything: the bucket or carboy, bottles and caps, tubing and funnels, and yes, even the air-lock.

The little differences, like taking the time to properly prepare your equipment, can mean the difference between a mediocre beer and a great one. Contact us if you need supplies to brew your own batch of something delicious, or if you have any other questions about home brewing.