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What Beer Goes Best with Dinner?

By August 2, 2016Blog

Ask any oenophile or sommelier what wine goes best with dinner, and they’ll rhyme off a long list of wines from different regions that make the perfect accompaniment to your meal. Long considered to be the drink that goes best with nacho chips and chicken wings, beer has finally come into its own as a legitimate beverage to accompany a meal.

Beer’s place at the dinner table is a worthy one, now all you need to know is what beer goes best with dinner.

How to Pair Beer with a Meal

The thing to remember is that, just like wine, there are many different varieties of beer. Just as you wouldn’t want to pair a really sweet, fruity wine with a savoury meal, you will want to avoid making the same mistake with beer.

There are so many possibilities that you’ll simply have to make it up as you go, but here are some general rules of thumb to observe:

  • Spicy Thai: The heat of Thai food is appropriately cooled with the light texture of a lager.
  • Mexican: Mexican beer is the obvious choice, but if that doesn’t tickle your fancy try something malty, like a Doppelbock.
  • Barbequed Anything: A traditional IPA is the perfect beer to go along with the smoky flavour of something coming right off the grill.
  • Seafood: The slight sweetness of a wheat beer is a match made in heaven with most seafood dishes.

Don’t be Afraid to Try New Things

For decades we just accepted that you drink ONLY white wine with fish, which led to an entire generation people who don’t even like white wine choking it down because the host served it with dinner. Now we’ve come to the understanding that personal tastes vary and that you should probably have something you actually like to drink with dinner.

If you need help deciding which one of your home-brewed masterpieces to serve with dinner, we’re happy to help! But really, even if your choice is entirely wrong, you’ve still had an excellent time with friends while drinking great beer. That seems like a winning combination in our books!