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What Beer Pairs Well With Fall Weather?

By August 26, 2016Blog

There is no bad time for a good beer, so much like we think you should have the beer of your choosing with dinner, we also think you should drink your favourite beer at any time of year. Having said that, there are brews that just seem more appropriate at certain times of year, like the best beers for summer.

As the next season is nearly upon us, it’s time to ask: What are the best beers to enjoy during the fall season that will be here before we know it?

Harvest Ales

The harvest is a special time everywhere in Canada. It’s the culmination of a job well done for all those who make their living growing the wonderful things that sustain us. Harvest ales a celebration of the season. Though there are variations by brewery, harvest ales are generally beers that are meant to be reminiscent of the end of the growing season.

Porters and Stouts

Often, the stuff we like to eat during the summer is light and refreshing, while the foods we crave in the fall are hearty and filling. The same holds true for the beers we drink. In the summer, ales and lagers pave the path to happiness, but in the fall, there is nothing quite like a pint of a nice, dark beer in a cozy hole in the wall. If there’s a roaring fire nearby, that’s good for many bonus points.

Novelty Beers

Pumpkin spice is an acquired taste that is put into just about everything every autumn, including some beers. Some of them are actually quite tasty, but they’re not all created equally. If you are anxious to try a pumpkin-infused beer, we recommend visiting a brew pub that offers tasters before committing to a whole pint. Don’t stop at just one, you have to try a few before passing judgement on the marriage of pumpkin and beer.

Are you ready to try your hand at a brand new beer creation this fall? Order fresh hops now to make sure you have plenty of time to make your tasty brew before the leaves start falling!