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What Every Home Brewer Needs to Know

By February 20, 2015Blog

What Every Home Brewer Needs to Know

The craft beer scene in Canada is exploding. New breweries are popping up across the land, and brew pubs that blend good food and even better beer are the talk of many towns. This leads many curious beer consumers to wonder if they could get the great taste of a small batch of beer by brewing it at home. The answer is a resounding YES! But before you get started, here are a few things every home brewer needs to know.

It Starts With Great Ingredients

Before you place an order for a “brew your own beer” kit online, know that the best results for homebrew are achieved with fresh, high-quality ingredients. That biting IPA you’re hoping to make won’t be the same if it is made with hops that have been sitting in a package in a warehouse for months. If the yeast in that kit has seen better days, the result will be beer that has more in common with the prairies than the Rockies. In case we’re being too coy, we mean it will be flat. You’ll end up with flat beer.
If you are set on making your first batch from a kit just to get the hang of brewing at home, know that once you branch out into more sophisticated recipes, the sky is the limit.

It Needs to be Cleaner than a Hospital

Unintended contamination is the enemy of a good homebrew. Bacteria can affect the taste of your beer in a very negative way. Whether you choose boiling or bleaching, everything that will come into contact with your beer at any point in the brewing process needs to be sterilized. For an easier time when brewing your next batch, be sure to thoroughly clean equipment after use, and store it in a container that prevents dust accumulation.

It Quickly Becomes a Passion

Once you have grown used to the taste of your own beer brewed at home, you won’t be able to tolerate commercial brews. You will become one of “those people” who talk non-stop about beer. It’s OK, that passion is infectious and people won’t mind, especially not when you let them sample some of your homebrew while you tell them, in painstaking detail, how it was made.
Go ahead! We dare you try brewing at home without falling in love with your creation!