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What’s Wrong with Homebrew Beer Kits?

By November 4, 2016Blog

Devoted homebrewers are a different breed. There is no group more passionate about their craft, and their advocacy has taken the art of home brewing to new heights.

The rise in homebrew’s popularity has brought about an unprecedented level of information sharing in online user groups. Inevitably, someone will ask a question about using a kit to start brewing at home, and they will find themselves heaped with scorn.

But is it merited? Really, what’s wrong with homebrew beer kits? As far as we can see, the answer is nothing.

What’s Typically in a Home Brewing Kit

One thing that’s surprising to those who are new to the wonderful world of making their own beer at home is how expensive it can be to get started. If you’re thinking brewing beer at home will save you money, let us tell you right now that it will take some time for your initial investment to pay off.

One way those who are new to the hobby can save a little getting started is by purchasing a kit that has everything you need to brew at home. A typical home brew beer kit will include the following:

  • Fermenting bucket and lid
  • Bottling bucket
  • Airlock
  • Siphon and hose
  • Bottling tools (spigot and capper)
  • Thermometer
  • Sanitizing solution

All of this equipment should be reusable, so if you’re starting out with a kit beer you’ll still be able to get more adventurous with your next batch. If you’d like a “real” brewing experience, you can focus on one that just has the equipment you’ll need but does not include dried ingredients. Then you’re free to experiment with different beer brewing recipes. Something as simple as adding fresh, locally-grown hops to the mix will make a huge difference.

Buy Fresh Beer Ingredients for the Best Results

A meal that comes assembled from the parts in a box will never taste the same as something made from scratch. The same goes for making beer from a recipe using fresh ingredients, something from a package just won’t be the same. But when you’re just getting started, the convenience of ordering a beer kit can’t be denied. If it’s one that contains dried ingredients, be sure to check the expiry dates before you start brewing.

The bottom line is that not all home brewing kits are created equally, and they’re not all bad. It’s important to do your homework, read reviews, and understand what you’re getting into. If nothing else, you’ll end up with all of the equipment you need for your next batch, one that you can make using only the freshest ingredients.