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Will the Hot Beer Trend Last for Long?

By November 2, 2016Blog

Every fall, the beverage producers of the world lose their collective minds. Things that are usually cold are served hot, and pumpkin spice is added to everything with abandon. When it comes to beer, flat and warm are two of the things that everyone who makes it tries to avoid, but hot beer turns that notion on its head.

You may ask be asking yourself if the hot beer trend will last for long, and the answer is that it just might stick. Whether that’s a blessing or a curse is yours to decide.

Is Hot Beer Really a Thing?

Yes, yes it is. Well, it’s not actually as simple as opening a can or bottle and heating it up on the stove or in the microwave. It’s more accurately mulled beer or mulled ale, and it’s really more of a concoction that features beer than a beer itself.

Though we more commonly associate beer with a nice, frosty drink to replenish our souls on a hot day, hot beer used to be the only game in town. Remember, refrigeration is a relatively new concept in human history. In the 1800s, hot beer was a tavern staple in colder climates, and they can’t all be wrong!

There are many variations among the recipes for hot beer from different regions, but they usually include a blend of sugar, honey, cinnamon and, of course, beer. Some traditional old recipes also include an egg somewhere in there, but frankly, that just seems gross. If you’d like to try one made with eggs, please share your thoughts in the comments so we can live vicariously through you.

Should I Really Give Hot Beer a Chance?

Life is short. If you’re pretty sure it won’t kill you, you should probably try everything at least once – and that includes hot beer. Go into it with an open mind, because if you’re expecting it to taste like a regular beer, you’re bound to be disappointed. They’re definitely an acquired taste, so don’t be too upset if you can tell from the first sip that this is just not your cup of… beer.

Like all good food and beverage creations, the best results will come from the best ingredients. If you have decided to give hot beer a try, starting with a beer made from fresh hops could make all the difference.